The devil comes in all sizes and forms…

This weekend’s sales were kind of demonic so I had to buy the “Exorcism” backdrop from .PALETO. that was at a nice discount. I combined it with the “Gothique” set and nails from RAWR!, the Harakiri knife called ‘CUTE WITHOUT THE E’ (in my mouth), and the -PULSE- Ardor Dress. All these items were on discount this weekend.

The pose today was “Dark magic” from Réve Obscura (includes the book) and the floating ermmm “Satanic Dildo Cross” … is from Lemme (giggles)

Have a nice week,

Hugs Ivy

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”

Who doesn’t like a morning stroll with some good friends right … this amazing pose “Jogging” from [DPSP] comes with 2 pugs that rezz next to you. Also, the mirror version is included in this cute pose that you can find at the main store.

The store can be found here:

Thank you sis for having this run with me,

Hugs Ivy

“Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket…”

This sweet pose is a new main store release from [DPSP] called “Miranda” and includes 2 poses. Can be used wherever you have rezzing rights for the posepad. You can edit the pose once seated on the pad.

The [DPSP] store can be found here:

Today I’m wearing the gorgeous =Zenith= outfit “Candice” and the Blueberry “Solstice sandals”

My companions were from Jian “Eastern bunny basket” and Happy Moods “HPMD weasel”

Big hugs and till next time,


Ragnarok girls are what dreams are made of…

Another very sweet pose from [DPSP] called “Gift of a friend” which is for me very suiting… Friendship is something I really hold dear to my heart. Some bonds are so strong that I would give everything for that person… This pose will be added at the main store here:

The warm dark background is from Foxcity and the outfits can be found at the latest round of the Kustom9 event. This robe and bodysuit is from Caboodle and called “Gwen”. This event is open until April 10th and can be found here:

Kisses Ivy

“To a poet, the broken flowers bloom the brightest…”

Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign


With such care and delicacy,
she carries flowers in her hand.
Reading a story in each petal
that only she can understand.

Walking at her lover’s side,
“I love you”, whispered in her ear.
Petals break off her lovely flowers,
her heart sheds a bitter tear.

Clutching gently on the stems
as her lover kisses her.
Eyes water, another petal falls
and her world becomes a blur.

For every deceitful word,
she dies slowly where she stands.
Holding on to every lie,
like broken flowers in her hands.

This poem really got me and with spring coming closer I felt the need to bring it in a picture …
Hope you all love it as much as I did.


P.S. Thank you so much Lawrence for making me part of this wonderful initiative

“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion…”

War never has solved anything… It brings more suffering and terror. And the victims are always the regular people who have to flee their houses, their homeland, sometimes even let loved ones behind. Why can mankind not take lessons out of history… are our brains dead inside. Have we lost our hearts among the way? My question would be more who is strong enough to end this pain and misery… Strength mister Poetin isn’t shown in bombs, tanks, and soldiers… but in showing you have a heart for your people. That is real leadership! You will maybe bring down Ukraine but Zelenski is for me the better man out of you two…

This amazing pose with candles is from PosEd and is a free gift. Go get “Light of Hope” and make your picture… share it and let everyone know we stand by Ukraine… “Ми вас всіх любимо!!” Path to the PosEd main store here:

The Bear and the mask next to me are from Absolut Creation and can be found in the main store here:



Fall deeper and deeper, the sirens are singing your song…

This March you have another round of the Fantasy-based event “The guild”… this time the theme is Atlantis and one of the amazing creators brought us this gorgeous set. Fall in move with the sirens wearing [Petrichor] their newest Karkisse crown and fins. And also the “Merusine” outfit is just incredibly beautiful… All 5 sets are available at the event and come with impressive texture huds. There is also jewelry set from the same line at the event not shown in this picture ❤

The event can be found here:

Be sure to check this amazing event out… follow the song of seduction sung by the sirens of second life…

Kisses Ivy