“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion…”

War never has solved anything… It brings more suffering and terror. And the victims are always the regular people who have to flee their houses, their homeland, sometimes even let loved ones behind. Why can mankind not take lessons out of history… are our brains dead inside. Have we lost our hearts among the way? My question would be more who is strong enough to end this pain and misery… Strength mister Poetin isn’t shown in bombs, tanks, and soldiers… but in showing you have a heart for your people. That is real leadership! You will maybe bring down Ukraine but Zelenski is for me the better man out of you two…

This amazing pose with candles is from PosEd and is a free gift. Go get “Light of Hope” and make your picture… share it and let everyone know we stand by Ukraine… “Ми вас всіх любимо!!” Path to the PosEd main store here:


The Bear and the mask next to me are from Absolut Creation and can be found in the main store here:




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