“You’re gonna have to hold on tight because this rodeo is just getting started.”

Time to discover “Bassett Town”… The western type of sim is sponsored by “ContraptioN” and really feels like walking in those old spaghetti western movies by Sergio Leone. Close your eyes and you can even hear the music from Morricone… Want to see for yourself or to draw your pistols on the main street at noon? Follow the horse below:


At this year’s Fantasy Faire, you’re able to buy this incredible LVL9 – Occultist’s Question (gun) This is an RFL item, as you all know it’s for charity! This is stunning, and I have to say, all the weapons in my package, are so well made and fit so perfectly in my hand that I’m flabbergasted! Just the details .. stunning. It comes with a hud to pose your weapon or even use it! ..Yeah very much in love and I’ll make a another one with the new item from LVL9! You will find the store at the Fantasy Faire – Bassett Town

The rest of my outfit is from Toksik called “Varmint”



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