Wanna Have a Go Darling?

Today I wanted to show my appreciation to 3 of the stores I blog for. The fabulous shiny outfit today is called “Lola” and can be found at the “MOoH!” main store. The boots and outfit come with a nice texture hud. I’m wearing it on Legacy but it is also good for Maitreya, Reborn, and Kupra. Find it here:


The necklace and earrings are a gift by “Mini A Chuu” called the “Millennium Camera Accessories Set” as an appreciation and can be found on the marketplace here:


And on my desk is an item from [Petrichor] called “Jiralyn Orb” a nice floating orb with a sublime texture hud. You can find this item at the main store here:


I want to thank these 3 stores for the amazing creations they have brought to life in second life. To make this blogger girl’s dreams come true… And that I’m proud to show their amazing work to the outside world.

The other items today in the picture are the “Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Home Office Den 1”, the “Spoiled – Gamer Girl Headset”, and the “Spoiled – Gamer Girl PS Controller”

The pose and chair are from [Focus Poses] called “Sexy streamer”

Kisses and till next time


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