“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift…”

Time for some new amazing creations and my first stop wat at the Enchantment event running from November 12th till December 3rd. MOoH! is offering a great selection of forest thrones there in 4 season style. My favorite season is Fall with all the amazing colors it brings… These gorgeous thrones contain 12 sit poses with a hud to adjust. Go see for yourself here:


But it didn’t end there… I wanted more beautiful things so I went to the Warehouse sale (last 2 days so hurry up) that is still open until November 18th. There I found this amazing collab from [Petrichor] with Ersch. This “Keraves” dress contains such beautiful texture huds and fits my Legacy body as a glove. Can also be worn on Maitreya and Ebody. Hurry up if you want to check it out also… Follow the weasel to the event here:


But then we have something more from [Petrichor] that you can find at the Holiday of Horrors event (I do miss Halloween already lol)… The Meritus set is an amazing Crown combined with earrings and a wonderful neckpiece. This is also a collab with Ersch and contains an impressive texture hud. I really adore the style they used in this. You can find this set here:


Also used in this picture are the Happy Mood weasel, the Jian Doe,the Stealthic hair “Hush”, and the :[P]:- Asmodai Magical Orb…

Till next time,

Kisses Ivy


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