“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it…”

Hurry hurry … time is running out. Yes, I know we don’t want to say bye to the Christmas feeling. But still, today is the last day of the Gothmas event, and one of the cool creators of this Christmas event with a twist is [Petrichor] in collab with [Ersch].

They brought this amazing “Raea Candle aura” to life and with the big texture hud, it is an incredible way to light up the world in these dark days. This item is 100 % custom mesh, modify and hud controlled.

So if you want them, rush to the Gothmas event open until today December 27th.


Other items today are the gorgeous “Pandora” dress from “.Enfant Terrible.”, the “Satriane Holly Antlers”, and “Holly wreath” from [Petrichor]. The background is from a gacha by Pitaya called “the last vampire”, and the tree is from “Fancy Decor” and called the “Regal Christmas Tree”.

I wish everyone with this a wonderful end of the year and until we meet in 2023!!!

Kisses Ivy


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