Golden Memories ♥

Outfit by [Petrichor] and [Ersch] called “The Calerys” will be soon at the main store here:

This comes with an impressive texture hud and an option to hide parts through the same hud. Available for the Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, Kupra, and Belleza curvy.

Backdrop by “irrISIStible” called the “EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN PHOTO BACKDROP”

Wings by Le Poppycock called “Spring Wings Honeydew (Folded)”

Pose called “Small Wonder” from the Le Poppycock “Small Blessings” gacha.

Kisses Ivy

Even the tiniest friend can light up your darkness

From MOoH! comes this gorgeous “Sanne Hoodie” that you can buy in two versions (Dark or Light) both with a nice 10-part texture hud to mix and match the way you want. Also able to wear it without the fur. Wearable on the Belleza Freya, Gen X, Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy, and Reborn mesh bodies. Move over to their main store here and get yours…

Hugs Ivy