“In deep silence, close your eyes and let your heart fly by spreading those wings of love in an unknown sky…”

It’s almost Valentine’s day so nothing better than to pull my love into a picture… Using the gorgeous “Paris” Top and Skirt from MOoH! that you can find at the main store here:


Both items come with a nice 10-part texture hud and can be worn on Maitreya (also Petite), Reborn, Legacy (also Perky), Kupra (also Kups), Hourglass, and Freya mesh bodies.

Other items are the FOXCITY. Photo Booth “Cloudtop”, the “IrrISIStible” LADY LOVE HEART WINGS RED, the Phedora “Cupid Heels”, the DOUX “Pixie” hairstyle, and the {S&C} “Heart Light Bulb”.

Big hugs and wish you all a love-filled week…



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