No doctor Dive you won’t be able to finish your evil plans tonight…

Two days to go before a new round of the “Engine Room” opens its doors… and I can’t wait because there you can really find the best brands for amazing steampunk items. Today I’m wearing one of those creations from [Petrichor] and [Ersch] … They always amaze me with their gorgeous work with so many texture options through the huds included. This outfit is called “Verayne” and the fitting wings called “Markvaine” are a nice set available for Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody (shown in the picture), Kupra, Mounds, and Perky… The event opens on March 20th and ends on April 20th. So put on those jetpacks and fly over…

Other amazing items in this picture are the Varonis “Dornenburg Scene”, the MKP “Flying Punch” pose, the steampunk whaleship (Marketplace product), the steampunk diver (MP also), and the steampunk telescope (also from MP lol)

Hugs and kisses,



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