The only journey is the one within…

Hi everyone, meet the “Kakapo Mount” by Cloak Farigoule. This creator has a cute furry store at the Fantasy Fair called “flUff” on the Dingir sim. This fun ride is one of the items you can find there and omg they are fluffy… lol! If you don’t know the store check out its Marketplace page to see more creations of the brand.


Fantasy Fair:

The outfit of the rider today is by [Petrichor] called “Kelstreia” (Bodysuit, Chest sharps, Complex sharps, and Hip sharps). I combined them with the schadenfreude “Bee Wings” and the “Afterparty – Starry Halo [Animated]”

The store [Petrichor] is also at the Fantasy Fair 2023 and is even a sponsor of it with an amazing sim there.


Till next time,

Hugs Ivy


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