“As the ocean has no end, so does my love for you…”

It is that time again… After all those fantasy-filled days full of amazing pictures it is time to say goodbye to the Fantasy Fair 2023. With sadness in my heart, I write this last blog for this year’s event. I want to thank all the amazing creators for the gorgeous sims and items they created this year. Some will always be in my memories… Also, I want to thank them for the amazing things I could blog about, without these items our photos wouldn’t be as beautiful as they were now. Fantasy is endless just like the sea and so is my love for it… I grew up with it and will always enjoy it. I want also to thank my bestie, my support in all, and my endless love and appreciation. I love you, sweetheart. The Fantasy Fair 2023 may be vanishing in the mists but it won’t be forgotten and we can start the countdown to the Fantasy Fair 2024. And I’m sure I’ll be there again ♥

Hugs Ivy


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