“Love is like swimming, you must either dive into it with your head down or do not go into the water at all…”

We’re already missing the Fantasy Fair so what better way to relive it than by blogging more fantasy pictures. Today we went back under the sea with [FFS] newest release the “MAGIC CLAM” This outfit can be found at the “Conchella Festival” till May 25th, 2023

Event location here: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Conchella/216/93/49 

The Costume is inspired by the beautiful clams that create pearls, at the bottom of the sea, and can be combined with mermaid outfits. In the box, you have the body applier (BOM unisex), bubbles, a HUD for the accessories applier, staff back clam, pasties, (2) crowns pelvis cover (m&f), and the necklace. Also used in this picture are the “Meritus” Crown and Bindi from [Petrichor] and [Ersch], and the Sereia bracelets from “RealEvil”. The cute sea horses are from Jinx…

Hereby I want also to thank the creator from Forest Fantasy Store for including me in the blogger’s group which is a dream coming true.

Mainstore: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cherokee%20Springs/207/163/3503
Market: marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/182518

Till next time everyone,



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