Oh yes … I’m tough … Shrugs guess not right …

Oh yes I'm tough ... ermmm ... okay guess not ....jpg

People always think I’m a hard bargain but even after my harsh facade there is a sweet very approachable girl. And I truly adore pets … handle me such a little furball and I melt like snow for the sun laughs … wonder who would purrrr loudest me or the kitten ❤

And now at the  SamPoses Mainstore or on Marketplace you can find this Bento single pose with autorezzing Kitten as new store release … Cute right ❤

mainstore taxi




And also want to show big appreciation to the outfit I wear from MONOMANIA called Singularity … For the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies. It includes top pants and sneakers for a very economical price… I didn’t know this store until today but wow I love this outfit a lot ❤ A real must have 😉 So mainstore can be found here:


Kisses and purrssss …


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