Bunny cuteness

Cuteness overload

Wearing the new Monomania outfit with an easter theme called “Bunny’s Invite” which is the new store release at the main store. This outfit Includes the Hat, Jacket, Shorts, LegWarmers, Scarf, and the tray with the bunny. You can find this outfit in Onyx, Pearl or the one I’m wearing called “Choco”. Wearable on the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. See the inworld search for the Monomania store … and be sure to check also the other amazing creations ❤

I used the still cute #Cranked# backdrop “Easter 2018” as background for a fitting scene now that easter is getting closer … Can you hear the bells of Rome already?

Till next time all ,

Kisses Ivy

Arcane Practice (Stay at home)

Arcane Study (at home)

Wearing the new Monomania Tangled (Onyx Version) outfit that is available at their main store. This outfit includes the ArmStraps, Dress & High Heels. You can use this with the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Take a ride among the cyber ways towards the Monomania store here:


Also in this picture is one of the amazing [The plastik] creations on the wall. This :[P]:- Cela Tapestry [Sagan] is easy to place and makes a great impression. This one and a lot more can be found at the main store together with the gacha “Sweet Meese” (look at the cutie on my shoulder giggles) So when you’re at the store be sure to check out these lovable mice (there is also a summer version of them in another gacha). Also, the teacup with the sleeping mouse is from that gacha. You can find [The plastik] here…


The other items in this picture are from .random.Matter., MadPea, *HEXtraordinary*  and Foxwood.

Kisses and till next time all … stay home and healthy ❤



Everywhere I go … Teddy goes …

Everywhere I go teddy goes ...

Introducing the new Monomania outfit “Sweet dreams” which is the new store release and can be found in 4 different textures. I’m wearing the Candy version but you also have Onyx, Myst and Pearl. You can wear this gorgeous outfit on Maitreya, Belleza and slink mesh bodies. Included are: 1 Pajamas, 2 pajamas frills, socks & a cute PlushBear ❤

See the main store here for yours:


The backdrop is by Minimal and from a gacha still available at their main store and the sleeping mask is from “Lavish”  (Sleeping Beauty / Sleepmask / WAKE ME ONLY FOR SEX)

So time to head into bed … night, night Teddy … ❤


My Bad Reputation

I don't mind a bad reputation

“I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation
Living in the past, it’s a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s what I’m gonna do

An’ I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation
Oh no, not me

An’ I don’t give a damn ‘bout my reputation
Never said I wanted to improve my station
An’ I’m only doin’ good when I’m havin’ fun
An’ I don’t have to please no one” by Joan Jett

And indeed I don’t care about my reputation as long as I wear my “[ LsR ] – Sexy Bad Reputation Shirt” which is the new exclusive for the “Bloom” event this March round that opened today the 21st. this “Bad Reputation Shirt” is available as a fatpack is 100% original mesh and includes the shirt dress and belt with a controller hud (42 Textures) It can be worn on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. At the event, there are also single Items available with ‘ONE TEXTURE’. The event can be found here:


The gorgeous backdrop is by .:Joplino:. and called “X Yellow” which you can find at their new main store so be sure to check it out ❤




Give it up to me

Give it up to me

With all the Corona craziness around I find it relaxing to make a blog and I know I haven’t been able to enjoy a birthday party for my loving husband. So, darling, this blog goes out to you … We will party when we’re back together 😉

At the “Driftwood” event I found these magical looking “Glowing balloons”  from MOoH!  They are offering a big selection of glowing balloon lights to give your place some fairy mood. This is a gacha item are 50L a try. The event runs till the 25th so don’t wait too long to try your luck…


The background today is from “The bearded Guy” called “Stars bar” a store you need to keep an eye on every Saturday sale … some nice bargains can be found here! And my outfit today is from the newest “Ricielli” gacha at the arcade called “Ivy” (hehe) The boots are “Liza” from -KC- couture and can be found at the main store.

Stay safe everyone ❤


Duty calls

Duty calls

Watching over the waves in my new [ LsR ] – Sexy Diora set which is an exclusive for the Vanity Event that started this march. This hot outfit comes as a fatpack or single items and is 100% original mesh including the top & overall [the boots are included in the big fatpack or you can buy the boots fatpack separately ] with a controller hud (84 Textures of which 42 Stripes – 42 Sports ) You can wear this on the Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis Freya ] and Slink [HourGlass ] mesh bodies. As told there are also single colors at the event ❤


I combined the outfit with the new VIP group gift from Truth called “Vivid” and the sweet sailor hat is from [BODY FACTORY] (Marine Sailor Hat)

Last but not least the pose is one of the BellePoses “Hello Sailor” pack…

Kisses and till next time …



Midnight chat

“When the day gets dark over a thousand streets
And you feel your heart is a living beat.
When you’re all alone and you close your eyes,
Naked to the bone the dream comes alive
Do you get excited when I touch you in the night? My oh my…
Do you get excited when I meet you every night?
You won’t let the night pass you by /
When your body’s hot, the windows open wide.
This moment’s all you got in this race of life.
When you feel the fire is getting close to you,
Hey baby, you know I’m lonely too
Do you get excited… I wanna know.” By Roxette

Darn, I never thought I would miss an artist so much. Still can’t think of Marie without shedding a tear. Her voice and the perfect combination with Per made Roxette one of the greatest bands ever for me. So this is an ode to them … Love always …

Wearing the new store release from Monomania called “Suggestive wine” (there is also an onyx and pearl version) wearable on Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies. Dress and boots are included for you to shine your naughtiness onto the world. See the second life search for the store and be sure to check out also the other great outfits!

Also in this picture is the new VIP hair release from Truth “Vivid”, the “anxiety %pyschowave bedroom RARE”, the “BackBone Kiss & Tell Toy Case – Pink” and as pose today I used the “[..::CuCa Designs::..] Midnight Chat 01”

Enjoy the song and dream away on her voice … kisses




Two blades are better than one …

Wearing the Horntail “Aki” outfit which is a nice combination of jacket, panties, top, bra, sweater and in different colors to choose from… You can find this amazing item at the main store of Horntail here:


Be sure to check also the other sexy outfits while you are there 😉

The gorgeous eastern backdrop is from .:Joplino:. and called “Asia Gate” and is an exclusive new item for “Tlalli – The Fair Around the World” You can find this fun Fair that opens March 7th and runs until March 21th here:


Other items today are the nice katana from [BODY FACTORY] called “Katana Sword Devil – Female (White Dark)” and the “DOUX”  Damiana hairstyle ❤

Till next time all kisses Ivy

Cyber Loading …

Loading for Cyber weekend

Time for some Science Fiction … the Cyber Fair opened in SL and that is always one of the fairs I love going to as a big fan of the genre. So I kind of dressing up or loading up for the new round (open until March 25th)… see the fair here:


I combined the new group gift for March from MOoH! with the rest of my outfit. These awesome fishnet boots in 6 colors can be found at the main store together with a new raffle where you can win a 150L gift card and Lucky chairs. MOoH! has a wide variety of products from clothes to very cute gachas so be sure to check the store out.


The rest of my outfit today is the “[CX]&::SOLE:: – Chemicoll Gacha: SA Mask”, the “r2 A/D/E azumi[white] outfit for Maitreya mesh bodies and “:::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Armtech”. And also a gacha item was my companion here called “RO – Junkyard Dogs – Zero”

Also, you can get the amazing cyber backdrop behind me for free as it is a hunt item from “The Bearded Guy”. Try to find the little neon cube at the main store and buy it for 0L$ and get the backdrop!
A hint for the search: “Hola Barbudo Hermoso”


The pose I found on the marketplace and is called  “Feeded 5” from Back Cats poses ❤

So enjoy your weekend all … big cyber hugs from me



The Blacksmith

The blacksmith

I already heard the calling … yes yes yes … the new Fantasy Faire 2020 is coming closer. The Fantasy Faire is the largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, will take place in 2020 from Thursday, April 23rd, through Sunday, May 10th 2020 inclusive, with the scheduled activities programme running between April 23rd and Monday, May 4th. So I ran to the blacksmith to make me some new swords… The unicorn knights will ride again ❤

The amazing “Medieval Workshop” backdrop today is from “.:Joplino:.” and is their newest release at the “Suicide Dollz” event… a nice way to get in the mood already huh … The event runs until March 13th and can be found here:


Also new are my gorgeous -KC- couture boots called “Liza” wearable on Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Legacy and Tonic mesh feet. As usual, this brand gives you an impressive texture hud with dozens of opportunities. You can find them at the main store or on the marketplace …


Other items in this picture are the “Amalthea” outfit which is a gacha from Sweet Thing, The *!R.O!* bento pose “Little Red” including the lamp and sword, the H.O.W. Medieval Blacksmith (got this one on MP) and last but not least the Rare gacha item from  =Zenith= called Swords of Berserker with Shield…

Kisses and till next blog

Ivy ❤