Even Santa can use some “witchy” help …

Even Santa needs some witchy help

Until the end of the year, Paper Moon is one of the creators at the “Winter Hollows” event with two items … one of them I used today in my blog so let me introduce you to the famous *pm* Haunted Woods Witch Set that got a makeover for the winter season. Two snow-covered stickmen, snowy rock piles, and frosted handprints! A Winter’s Hollow Exclusive! Follow my brooms tail light to the event …


Outfit today is from the Reign gacha “return of the coven” which is still available at their main store.


And the nice flowers in my hair are also from Paper Moon and called *pm* Wildflower Garland: Snow & Petal. See their main store for these.


Merry Christmas to all …

Kisses Ivy



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