It’s all in the eyes baby …

 Yes the eyes! This is on an ALL NEW gorgeous, ultra customizable EYE SYSTEM created by Petrichor. This is how eyes will be done from now on for you- with 15 customizable eye shine layers, animation layers, shadow layers, pupil layers, and two HUDS- 40 COLOR and 40 FADE packs. The most customization ever! The HUD has a glow, alpha, shine, evironment, tinter, and color picker for EVERY layer and you can adjust L and R eyes separately. The creator was very excited to finally get these out for us all after 6 months of hard work!

Hop on towards the store and get your pack 🙂 Additional picture below

Broomstick ride towards the store:

Wearing the .::BE BOLD::. “Sensuality of Princess” lingerie set. This is the sister store of Monomania and can be found on the same sim.

Backdrop is by FOXCITY and called “Cozy Bedroom (Colour Pop)” and the pose is .HG. #Selfie2 (bought on marketplace)

Anyway time to close my eyes and sleep 😉

Kisses Ivy

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