The First Kill is Always The Hardest…

Laughs I never had dreamed of running around in SL as the dangerous clown from the IT movies … But Thanks to Absolut Creation everyone can be Pennywise. This amazing mesh creation contains the complete mesh avatar, an eye texture hud, and an amazing ao for the avi. Also, the balloon is included in the purchase… so a good idea to scare someone right 🙂 This wonderful creation can be found on the marketplace here:

Or at the main store here:

The incredible Bento pose with axe is from the talented “PosEd” brand and is a rezzable pad and once on it, the axe rezzes. Completely adjustable! Get this amazing and scary pose “Fright Night” for 89 L here at the main store:

Or on the marketplace here:

The victim is the Madpea Dead Body Scarlet … lol

Do you want a balloon?


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