Reality whistles a different tune underwater…

While we write this the “Crystal Heart Event” is still going hard. A lot of amazing creators have done amazing things to make this round a wonderful experience. Witches, Merfolk, and so much more. Come see for yourself here:

The event is open until August 21st.

And today I show the creations from Jinx! And oh my god … they are amazing. First of all is this cool “Jinx : Hippocamputaur” for Maitreya, Kupra, and Legacy. This tail comes with a cool hud with 6 textures and a nice ao ❤

And to make it even cooler they also created fitting body scales (BOM) in 6 textures also. Both items are sold at the event!

And also the ::Static:: Chrystalline Armor can be found there which I used to make my look complete (only the upper part)

Wet kisses,


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