“There is always someone there to lend a hand…”

Another weekend has passed with as usual the amazing weekend deals. So I scored again some nice creations which I used in this blog. Here is the list of the cool stores and what they created…

  • BellePoses – CyberLove (Backdrop)
  • REKT – Spider Blades (animesh with hud)
  • MICHAN – Your Hand (inclusive 3 poses)
  • R2 – K/E/N Gekko Groves
  • Tentacio – Ryu mask black
  • Tentacio – Ryu body black
  • [SAC] – PYTHON .377 V Pistol v1.11
  • :::SOLE::: – SA – Pauldron KOURA
  • KUNI – Cassie (hair)

Hope you all will have a nice start into the week,

Hugs Ivy

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