Roller Queen

Roller Queen

Woohooo time to get on the wheels again and to do some rollerskating … and Today I’ve got an amazing bodysuit by LSR moda to show off at the rink …

This  ★★[ LsR ] – Sexy Ginevra Sport JumpSuit★★ contains the  jumpsuit for the  Maitreya, Belleza [ Isis – Freya ], Slink [Physique HourGlass ] and  Altamura [ Sofia ] mesh bodies! They come with a hud full of 30 amazing textures … You can find this amazing new suit at marketplace here:

or at the main store here:

the skates, bag and elbowpads are by Reign and come from the Derby queen gacha … also the hair but that one was together with Besom. See main stores for their gacha room!

Till next time everyone …

Kisses Ivy

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