Seize That Rebel Scum …

Seize That Rebel Scum ...

I wanted to make this blog two days ago on the 4th … the annual Star Wars day but sadly things came up… Anyway, for all the fans among you, I wish you a belated holiday lol… And with this picture, I also say goodbye to this year’s Fantasy Faire. A nice science fiction fantasy …

So what am I wearing today 😉 First I want to show off this “Annihilator Arm Battle Axe” you see on both arms from the talented “Butanik83” brand. These arms have an amazing texture hud and you can wear it in 4 different ways.

Also wearing the new “toksik” Remnant Uniform, the gorgeous -KC- Trinity boots, the {PSYCHO:Byts}. “Zhora Project” Gasmask WHITE, the (GALLACTIC) Jetpack and the “RichB.” Blade Eye Patch.

Next to me, you can find my cute “Skellybones” Chickenator Animesh Robot and behind me the well-known troopers from Star Wars lol.

And of course, the scene wouldn’t be what it is now without the wonderful backdrop from “The Bearded Guy”  called “Sci Fi Corridor RED” which is a group gift. This store is building amazing backdrops for different events so be sure to check them out.

Anyway, the Fantasy Faire 2020 is in its last week so hurry if you want to enjoy 18 fantastic sims full of fantasy and magic.

Kisses and may the Force be with you …



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