Sshhhh, you can never have enough floaties

Time for anybody? I mean the event … Because at the August round that opened the 7th our beloved sponsor [ LSR ] brought their “Sexy Love Bikini Fatpack” as an exclusive. This mesh bikini contains the Top Fringe & Pantie with the hud for 30 textures. (In the fatpack) You can wear this on the Legacy, Maitreya [ Lara – Petite ], and Belleza [ Isis Freya ] mesh bodies. At the event, there are also single items available in ‘ONE TEXTURES’ with a hud for 30 Fringe Textures. Of course, you can go for the full options in the fatPack.

The AnyBody event can be found here:

And from one summer event to the next … with “The Gacha garden” Open until Aug 31st. MOoH! is offering a summer gacha with pool floaties. Swim rings, sunhats, larger floaties with poses, and smaller to hold. They are 50L a try. Playing 20 times will give you the exclusive “Seed of inspiration” which is a nice couple item … Curious … go check it out. Find the event here:

The one I’m holding stole my heart giggles … and the flamingo floatie is also from the same gacha.

The picture was taken at .:Cielo:. beach in second life. A gorgeous tropical sim with still a few rental homes available.

Kisses Ivy ❤

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