“The age of a person doesn’t matter. The sweetest music is played on the oldest violin.”

After enjoying the first part of a nice hunt on the Fairgrounds of the Fantasy Fair I changed and enjoyed playing the violin… (I wish rofllll… I can only make it sound like a cat being strangled lol)

Anyway in this picture we have again some nice items I found at the Fair. Today we have the “Quills & Curiosities – Enchanted Woods – White” as skybox where the magic was made ❤ The statue behind me is from “Cerridwen’s Cauldron” and named “[CC] Heart Mender, Marble”, and also from the Fair is this gorgeous gown from “Kotolier” with the nice “Dress Fraurein” name (can also be worn without the frills) for the Maitreya mesh body.

The chair I bought from “KOPFKINO” and is the “Etude Violin Chair (Medium wood)”

Thank you for watching,

Hugs Ivy

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